Dual Career Program

At Johns Hopkins University, our goal is to attract and retain the highest quality candidates for faculty positions within our university.  We are committed to assisting spouses and partners locate employment opportunities by offering information, personal assistance and support.

As the largest employer in Baltimore, Johns Hopkins has many employment and career opportunities. Our Dual Career Program supports spouses and partners in identifying and pursuing job opportunities within the university as well as throughout the Baltimore/Washington region.

Although there is no guarantee of job placement, we will help facilitate your job search process through networking, informational interviewing and job referral both at Johns Hopkins and in the community. In addition, we can provide you  with information on neighborhoods, schools, childcare, arts & entertainment, and other topics of interest.

Dual Career Services Request Form

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On-Campus Positions                                                                                                          The Dual Career Specialist provides assistance with locating opportunities for campus positions. Couples may also utilize the Jobs at JHU website to find  current position openings.

Off-Campus Positions                                                                                                          The Dual Career Specialist can also assist with employment counseling,      advising, and referrals in the Baltimore/Washington Region. Contact us to    discuss your career goals.

Mid-Atlantic HERC is a valuable resource for anyone searching for a higher ed career in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC. The HERC job board contains   the most jobs related to higher education in our region. Job postings include faculty positions and openings for provost and deans, human resources, marketing, maintenance, administrative, and admissions staff at all levels of experience. HERC also offers professional development webinars and events for job-seekers.

Work, Life, Community                                                                                                        The Dual-Career Office is also available to provide information about local  schools, day-care, recreational programs, housing information, and arts &   culture, recreation, entertainment, and more.

Dual Career Services Request Form

Brochure (PDF)



Dual Career Services Request Form

Brochure (PDF)


Heather Andersen, Dual Career Specialist

Email: Heather.Andersen@jhu.edu

Office: 410.516.0986

Cell: 410.218.6287