Dr. Carlos Vegh receives Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize for research in macroeconomics

Dr. Carlos A. Vegh, Fred H. Sanderson Professor of International Economics, is the 2021 recipient of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association’s (LACEA’s) Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize, considered the most prestigious academic award in Latin America. The LACEA, an international association of economists with common research interests in Latin America, established the biennial award to encourage high-quality research on economic issues relevant to the Latin American region and to honor the memory and contribution of Carlos F. Diaz-Alejandro, a renowned specialist in Latin American economics.
LACEA selected Vegh as the 11th recipient of the award due to his extensive research on topics related to Latin American and Caribbean macroeconomics, such as hyperinflation, balance of payment crises, currency substitution, fiscal policy, and exchange rate policy. Additionally, LACEA also considered Vegh’s considerable contribution to the public goods and time serving as an editor for top journals in development and international economics and a mentor to many students and junior faculty.

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