Dr. Casey Marina Lurtz wins the Anne Flemming Article Prize

Dr. Casey Marina Lurtz, Assistant Professor of History and Latin American, Carribean, and Latinx Studies Co-chair, has won the Anne Flemming Article Prize for her article “Codifying Credit: Everyday Contracting and the Spread of the Civil Code in Nineteenth-Century Mexico.” This article uses records of contracts made for small debts and credits made between the 1870s and the 1910s to “trace the creation and evolution of Mexico’s civil code from the periphery of the country rather than its center.” The analysis of these norms is used to “see how liberal economic policy permeated society through use.”

The Anne Fleming Article Prize is a joint prize of the ASLH and the Business History Conference and is awarded every other year to the author(s) of the best article published in the previous two years in either Law and History Review or Enterprise and Society on the relation of law and business/economy in any region or historical period.

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