Dr. Christy Thorton wins Library of Congress's Kluge Fellowship

Dr. Christy Thorton, Professor of Sociology and Latin American, Carribean, and Latinx Studies (LACLxS) Co-chair, has won the Library of Congress’s Kluge Fellowship for her book project “To Reckon with the Riot: Global Economic Governance and Social Protest.” This book project “investigates the impact of social protest around the world [… and] examines the ways that street politics have reverberated in the international halls of economic and financial power.”

The Kluge Center encourages humanistic and social science research that makes use of the Library’s large and varied collections. Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research is particularly welcome in the Kluge Fellowship program. The fellowship is open to scholars in the humanities and social sciences with special consideration given to those whose projects demonstrate relevance to contemporary challenges.

Read more at the Program for Latin American, Carribean, and Latinx Studies.