Dr. Justus Kebschull wins Packard Fellowship to research brain evolution

Biomedical engineer Justus Kebschull has been awarded a 2022 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, a prestigious early-career award for scientists that provides “flexible funding and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers in their fields of study.” 

Kebschull, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is trying to understand how the brain has changed and evolved over time. 

“Support from the Packard foundation is invaluable at this early stage in my career,” said Kebschull. “It allows us to follow bold ideas and more unconventional approaches without the constraint of more traditional funding bodies.” 

Ed Schlesinger, dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, said “Packard Fellowships recognize creativity and innovation, both of which Justus’s research exemplifies. His work in evolutionary biology seeks not only to understand how the brain works at a molecular level, but also holds promise for better treatment for neurological diseases. 

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