Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

2018 COACHE Survey

The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) survey of faculty career satisfaction is a national, research-based initiative, operated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, that is designed to improve faculty recruitment, retention and work/life quality. The COACHE survey assesses faculty views on an important range of university policies, practices, and working conditions, in order to provide our institution with valuable feedback and benchmarking data that can be broken down by gender, race and disciplinary area.

Johns Hopkins most recently participated in the survey for the second time in Spring 2018 (the previous COACHE survey was in 2012).

Past surveys have contributed to the development of improved policies and programs that directly benefit faculty. The 2018 COACHE survey will help the university assess the effectiveness of these and other initiatives so that we better understand what we do well and how we can enhance policies and programs to make Hopkins an even better place to work.


2018 Survey Results

Survey data will be analyzed and shared with faculty in various formats.  Please check this page for updates and details in the fall.


How Will Faculty Benefit from Results?

We will use COACHE survey data constructively to target policy and program improvements in areas that enhance faculty career success and satisfaction. In response to the data collected after the 2012 survey, the university made many changes, including the creation of the Homewood Early Learning Center and the establishment of our new policy on parental leave.