FGJFEP Call for Proposals

Hopkins’ Demonstrated Commitment to Faculty Diversity and Excellence

Johns Hopkins University aims to be a preeminent welcoming and supportive institution where outstanding scholars can reach their full academic and professional potential. To achieve this, the university and its divisions must not only do more to address gaps in our recruiting of a diverse faculty, particularly in areas where there has been little or no progress, but also to address the impact of culture and climate on retention and advancement.  To that end, we have developed goals in the Second Roadmap on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that deepen and expand our commitment to inclusive faculty excellence, building on what has worked while delving deeper into areas that are vital to the current and long-term success of our institution.

An important cornerstone of this commitment is a re-investment in our Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI).  The second iteration of this successful program will continue to build strong pathways for diverse scholars to the professorate by working in concert with programs like theJHU Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative and the Provost Postdoctoral Program.

Call for Proposals

The Office of the Provost, with support from the Vice Provosts for Diversity and Inclusion and Faculty Affairs, has developed the following Call for Proposalsfor the Fannie Gaston-Johansson Faculty of Excellence Program (FGJFEP), a program designed to support the recruitment, retention, and advancement of faculty who demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence.  

The program will adhere to the following:

» Schools will have to make a commitment to locate the members of the cluster in ways which foster scholars’ opportunities for collaboration and scholarly success.

» Each scientific cluster will be led by two senior JHU faculty members who will be responsible for and specifically trained to form and guide effective searches, act as lead mentor for the career development of all faculty members in that cluster, and facilitate the development of community and other aspects of successful retention.

» Central will provide up to $1M in matching funds for startup costs per faculty hire up to a maximum of $20M.

» The division/department is expected to dedicate matching funds to startup, and provide appropriate salary support for the incoming faculty. 

The goal of the FGJFEP is to hire and support: 

» 20+ tenured or tenure-track faculty members 

  • who substantially contribute to promoting diversity and inclusive excellence in STEM,
  • in four to seven distinct clusters over six years (FY23 through FY28)

» 10+ non-STEM tenured or tenure-track faculty members, 

  • who substantially contribute to promoting diversity and inclusive excellence
  • in non-STEM over six years (FY23 through FY28)

 A key benefit of this program is that departments are allowed to recruit faculty outside the traditional search timelines.