Faculty Highlight: Dr. Jeremias Sulam

Dr. Jeremias Sulam receives NSF CAREER Award


Faculty Highlight: Dr. Thomas Gernay

Dr. Thomas Gernay receives IAFSS Award


Faculty Highlight: Dr. John Gearhart

Dr. John Gearhart Receives Humanitarian Award


Faculty Highlight: Dr. Daniel Marston

Dr. Daniel Marston wins Templer Medal Book Prize


Faculty Highlight: Dr. Lois Arend

Dr. Lois Arend named President of the Renal Pathology Society


Faculty Highlight: Alessandro Angelini

Alessandro Angelini Awarded Hunt Fellowship from Wenner-Gren Foundation


Faculty Highlight: Dr. Pranita Tamma

Dr. Pranita Tamma Honored for Antimicrobial Resistance Research


Faculty Highlight: Dr. Carlos Vegh

Dr. Carlos Vegh receives Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize for research in macroeconomics

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Fadil Santosa

Dr. Fadil Santosa receives 2023 SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Esther Oh

Dr. Esther Oh Elected President of the American Delirium Society

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Narges Bajoghli

Dr. Narges Bajoghli wins 2022 JHU Catalyst Award

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Mary Sarotte

Dr. Mary Sarotte named Berlin Prize Fellow

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Anita Gupta

Dr. Anita Gupta wins the National Academies of Practice’s Patient Advocacy Award 

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Thao Nguyen

Dr. Thao Nguyen named Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Muyinatu Bell

Dr. Muyinatu Bell wins Chan Zuckerberg Science Diversity Leadership Award

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Tamar Zaki

Dr. Tamar Zaki named Fellow of the American Physical Society

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Danielle Speller

Dr. Danielle Speller wins Packard Fellowship to research astrophysics

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Justus Kebschull

Dr. Justus Kebschull wins Packard Fellowship to research brain evolution

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Lauren Gardner

Dr. Lauren Gardner wins Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for COVID-19 Dashboard

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Fannie Gaston-Johansson

Program named in Dr. Fannie Gaston-Johansson’s honor

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Sri Sarma

Dr. Sri Sarma leads team for diagnosis and treatment based neurotechnology

Attracting and Retaining The Best People

Providing Resources for Success

Connecting Faculty Across the University

Faculty Events

Attracting and Retaining The Best People

Providing Resources for Success

Connecting Faculty Across the University

Faculty Events

Faculty Diversity Initiative

Great universities are at their best when they bring together scholars and students from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives in an atmosphere of free and open inquiry that encourages the fertile and vigorous pursuit of a variety of ideas.

Faculty Mentoring

The purpose of faculty mentoring is to support, facilitate, and enhance the development of faculty throughout the early and middle career stages.

The Second Commission on Undergraduate Education (CUE2)

The commission’s charge is to interpret the mission of an undergraduate education in the 21st century and develop a new model that will serve us for the next decade or more.

Our simple aim is to make scholars, strong, bright, useful, and true.

Daniel Coit Gilman First President of Johns Hopkins University (1876)