The Tenure Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Johns Hopkins University consists of the Provost and thirteen senior faculty members who advise the President of the University on the granting of tenure.  On the recommendation of the Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure (FACT), the TAC is composed of a diverse group of senior full professors from across the university’s tenure-granting schools who are familiar with the promotions processes in their home schools.

The FACT was convened in April 2019 and issued its final report to President Daniels in December of 2019. A Joint Executive Committee and Committee on Academic Policy meeting of the JHU Board of Trustees approved of the formation of the TAC on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. TAC members have served on the school-wide appointments/promotion and/or tenure bodies; the Homewood Academic Council (for the Krieger and Whiting Schools); the Carey Academic Board; the SAIS Academic Board; the Advisory Board of the Medical Faculty (ABMF); the School of Nursing Academic Council; and the Bloomberg School of Public Health Appointments and Promotions Committee.

The TAC is expected to consider about 120 faculty members for promotion or appointment to tenured faculty positions each year. All dossiers that are reviewed by the TAC are submitted by the Schools using Interfolio’s Review Promotion and Tenure system which is accessible to all JHU faculty members. The TAC is staffed by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and the TAC Coordinator.

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