Resources & Training for Administrators, Candidates, and Search Committees

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Review, Promotion & Tenure [RPT]

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Conduct efficient, effective, and secure academic professional evaluations online with Interfolio RPT.

RPT Training Resources

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Faculty Search

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Manage the entire academic recruitment process and equitable candidate consideration with Interfolio Faculty Search.

Faculty Search Training Resources

  • Interfolio: Faculty Search Administrator Training
    • Who – Administrators govern and manage an assigned unit within the institutional hierarchy. There can be multiple administrators assigned to a specific unit (school, division, department). Administrators can create, manage, and report on searches at their unit or any unit nested below.
    • This self-paced interactive course is intended to introduce the Unit Administrators to Faculty Search, provide an overview of the role in the system and step-by-step instructions to complete different tasks including running reports.
    • Estimated time to complete: 45 minutes
  • Interfolio: Faculty Search Committee Manager Training
    • Who – Committee Managers can create and manage faculty searches within their assigned unit(s). They can communicate with applicants, control search settings, apply statuses, add applicants and applicant documents as well as run reports.
    • This self-paced interactive course is intended to introduce the Committee Manager to Faculty Search, provide an overview, best practices, and instructions managing a search.
    • Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes
  • Interfolio: Faculty Search Evaluator Training
    • Who – Evaluators are assigned to search committees. Once assigned to a committee, Evaluators can review applications including all documentation and custom form responses. When reviewing applicants, evaluators can apply tags and evaluate applicants using a five-star rating system. 
    • This self-paced interactive course is intended to introduce the Evaluators to Faculty Search to provide an overview of the different evaluation tools and a guide for evaluating an applicant pool for a position within the platform.
    • Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes

Faculty Search FAQs

While the Office of Faculty Affairs holds centralized administrative responsibility for Interfolio Faculty Search, each department maintains sole responsibility for posting and editing faculty and postdoctoral positions.

Below, please find answers to frequently asked questions related to Faculty Search.

  • Who do I contact for issues logging on?
  • How do I post a position?
    • Utilize this step-by-step how-to guide.
  • How do I add a user/committee member/reviewer to Faculty Search?
  • Why didn’t my position post to the external site?
    • In order for your posting to be pushed out to the external sites (HERC, Insight Into Diversity, Higher Ed Jobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, or Direct Employers), two fields must be properly entered.
      • The position location must be formatted as City, State, Zip Code (in this order, with the commas), i.e. Baltimore, MD, 21218
      • The general notes section must read either Full Time or Part Time (exactly as it appears here, without deviation).
    • The Office of Faculty Affairs receives a daily error report and will update any errors that occur. Upon completion, the position will automatically post to the external sites.
  • How do I request an EEO report for my open position?
    • Please follow your current division/department procedures; or
    • Email [email protected] with department, position title, and ID number to receive an emailed report.
  • Where can I find support for questions not addressed above?