The Johns Hopkins University Council (JHUC) consists of 17 faculty members from across the university’s 9 schools, as well as the Dean of each school and the university administration. The mission of the JHUC is to provide a university-wide shared governance body which allows faculty to exchange information, guidance, and views regarding Johns Hopkins University’s educational, research, translational, and service missions, and to freely deliberate on matters of broad interest to the University community. It also provides a formal channel for faculty to provide, and the University administration to solicit, advice and counsel on the University’s missions and for communication between and among the faculty and Deans of the nine Schools, and the University administration.

The JHUC complements and builds upon the work of the School-level governance bodies. Faculty members of the JHUC shall be full voting members of and effective liaisons with their Schools’ governance bodies, as well as with other committees on which faculty sit that have jurisdiction across School boundaries, to ensure that the JHUC’s deliberations are informed by the knowledge and opinions of those bodies and committees.

As an advisory body, the JHUC shall seek to build and achieve consensus through informed, collegial deliberation.

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