Provost’s Office Faculty Initiatives

An architectural drawing of a new JHU building in East Baltimore.

Our faculty are engaged in groundbreaking initiatives designed to strengthen the university, and innovative cross-divisional initiatives that use collaboration to fuel creative solutions to difficult problems. The Office of Faculty Affairs aims to support these efforts through coordination, information dissemination, and with initiatives specifically developed through and run by this office. These initiatives are guided in part by principles outlined in the Roadmap for Diversity and Inclusion and the JHU 10×20 – A Vision for Johns Hopkins by 2020.

Faculty Diversity Initiative

The Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI) is a cornerstone of Johns Hopkins’ diversity and inclusion efforts. It recognizes the fact that changes in the composition of our faculty in turn impact the student body, campus climate, research, and pipeline of graduate students.

Faculty Mentoring

The purpose of faculty mentoring is to support, facilitate, and enhance the development of faculty throughout the early and middle career stages.

Dual Career Program

At Johns Hopkins University, our goal is to attract and retain the highest quality candidates for faculty positions within our university. We are committed to assisting spouses/partners locate employment opportunities by offering information, personal assistance and support.